Cedarland Saunas

With over 25 years experience and industry knowledge, we can supply one of many standard sauna kits or we can custom design your sauna to suit your personal needs.

For any question, customization or quote, please
feel free to contact us at cedarland@bellnet.ca, or call us at
(519) 880-9600 or toll free 1-866-502-3327.


D-I-Y Sauna Kits

Cedarland is a “One Stop Shop” that will reduce your time and cost of purchasing from multiple suppliers. And, when you use one of our sauna material packages, you leave with 100% of all the materials you need to complete the inside of the sauna – the first time!

Barrel Saunas

Cedarland carries all three of the popular prefabricated saunas; modular, log and barrel. All kits are 100% complete and can be installed by almost anyone. If you have never considered a sauna before because of the complexity of building one, consider these modular advantages:

  • Use it the same day

  • No cutting required

  • No walls to frame

  • No construction mess

  • Entirely free-standing

  • Easily dismantled

  • Easily moved

Infrared Saunas

There is something to be said about FINN-CORE™ infrared saunas that are also attractive. It is possible to have the potential benefits of an infrared with this simple to assemble and simple to use sauna that is designed to accommodate budget and taste.